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Water Pure Technologies, Inc.

Whole House 3 Stage Water Filtration System

Whole House 3 Stage Water Filtration System

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Filtration System Includes: 

  • Industrial Grade, BPA Free Housing
  • One piece housing construction  eliminates 4 potential leak areas
  • (3) Water Pressure Release Valves, for easy removal of filters 
  • Wall Mount L Bracket
  • (4) Pressure Gauges take the guesswork out of knowing when and which filter needs replacing

    3 Filters included

    • Stage 1 - String woven 5-micron pre-filter, for removal of dirt, rust, sediment
    • Stage 2 - Nanofiber Filter, infused with anti-microbial Silver, stops bacterial growth, carbon infusion improves the taste of water, a 5 micron pre-filter wrap helps the filter last longer
    • Stage 3 - Carbon Filter 5-micron center filter, for reduction of chlorine, bad taste, and odor, VOCs, inorganics  
    • Approximate filter life - 150,000 to 250,000 gallons (depending on source water quality). 
    • Filters made in the USA
    • Filter Housings made in Italy

    Replacement Filters Include:

    • 1 Sediment
    • 1 Fast Flow Nano Filter
    • 1 Carbon


    • System Dimensions: 23” W x 30” H x 9.25” D
    • Flow Rates: Up to 20 gallons per minute

    Water Pure Filtration Systems are ideal for restaurants, bars, clubs and other commercial applications where large flow rates are needed

    IAPMO Certified                                                                                              

     **Filtration Meets  or exceeds EPA World Health Organization Standards  



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