Nanofiber Filters are certified space technology co-developed by NASA!
Space Foundation
  • 99.9998% virus reduction
  • 99.9998% bacteria reduction
  • 99.99% giardia, cysts reduction

With Certified Space Technology, you now have access to the same water filtration that is used by NASA on the International Space Station to keep our Astronauts safe and healthy.

$1,495.00 $2,195.00

Filtration System Includes: 

  • Industrial Grade, BPA Free Housing
  • One piece housing construction  eliminates 4 potential leak areas
  • (3) Water Pressure Release Valves, for easy removal of filters 
  • Wall Mount L Bracket
  • (4) Pressure Gauges take the guesswork out of knowing when and which filter needs replacing

    3 Filters included

    • Stage 1 - String woven 5-micron pre-filter, for removal of dirt, rust, sediment
    • Stage 2 - Nanofiber Filter, infused with anti-microbial Silver, stops bacterial growth, carbon infusion improves the taste of water, a 5 micron pre-filter wrap helps the filter last longer
    • Stage 3 - Carbon Filter 5-micron center filter, for reduction of chlorine, bad taste, and odor, VOCs, inorganics  
    • Approximate filter life - 150,000 to 250,000 gallons (depending on source water quality). 
    • Filters made in the USA
    • Filter Housings made in Italy

    Replacement Filters Include:

    • 1 Sediment
    • 1 Fast Flow Nano Filter
    • 1 Carbon


    • System Dimensions: 23” W x 30” H x 9.25” D
    • Flow Rates: Up to 20 gallons per minute

    Water Pure Filtration Systems are ideal for restaurants, bars, clubs and other commercial applications where large flow rates are needed

    IAPMO Certified                                                                                              

     **Filtration Meets  or exceeds EPA World Health Organization Standards  



    SKU: WHF4520