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With Certified Space Technology, you now have access to the same water filtration that's used on the International Space Station, to keep our Astronauts safe and healthy.


  • Average flow rate on a single gravity flow filter is approximately 1 gal per minute
  • Reduces 99.9999% of waterborne viruses 
  • Reduces 99.9998% of waterborne bacteria 
  • Reduces 99.99% of waterborne protozoa 
  • Filters water up to 300 times faster than a mechanical (micron) filter 
  • Lasts longer, holds 25 times more dirt and contaminants than a mechanical (micron filter) capable of removing viruses
  • Outperforms all Gravity Flow Filters on the market
  • Filters enough water for a family of four, for up to six months during an emergency, disaster situation
Exceeds** EPA and World Health Organization's protective standards for removal of virus, bacteria, cysts





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