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Water Pure Technologies, Inc.

Gravity Flow Portable Filter Bag System

Gravity Flow Portable Filter Bag System

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Using Space Certified Nano Filtration, our filter is the most advance Water Filter available on EARTH & SPACE!

  • When new, filters approximately 12 gallons/hour

  • Easy to use

  • Portable and efficient
  • Take anywhere
  • Quality parts
  • Comes with:
  1. 1 Filter Bag
  2. 1 Gravity Filter
  3. 1 In-line Ball Valve 
  4. 2 Sizes of Silicone Tubing- 4", 4'
  5. 1 Aqua Tote to hold/carry filtered water
  6. 1 Strap to secure hanging filter bag

Fast flow mobile water filtration design for portability, ease, and efficiency.

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