Outpour Orphanage School Uganda


Phil and the wife(Sharon)have to sometimes borrow to keep the school afloat. As this month is ending, they have to pay teachers salaries which they don't have now. Despite opening up the school to the community, they aren't yet able to collect the necessary funding from the parents who are able to pay. There are six teachers at the school. Each teacher earns $75 per month. So they spend $450 per month on teachers' salaries. The school spends more than $500 monthly on utilities.

Please keep us in prayers that we may raise the necessary support to pay all the teachers monthly. With your support we can do so much in Uganda. Uganda is currently going through a tough economic situation. Please pray for Phil also that he may get a stable job in the near future so that he may support children more from his hard earned finances. I have always believed that God's will is His Bill. The orphanage school is a project that many abandoned children benefit from. With your prayers and support, an orphaned child is being able to be kept in school. ◄ Proverbs 3:27 ► Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due, when it is in your power to act. Your donation goes far in helping. Please Check our Facebook pages for any updates. Outpour children's foundation.

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