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H2O ResQ Emergency Water Storage Treatment Kit, with Free Test Kit

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Quick Overview

H2O ResQ is Scientifically Engineered & Tested. U.S. Patented; Copper-Silver-Ion, Technology. Free $15.00 test kit included. All ingredients used in manufacturing are made in U.S.A and are of the highest purity.

H2O ResQ Emergency Water Storage Treatment Kit, with Free Test Kit

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What is H2O ResQ's™ use intended for, and is it expensive?

H2O ResQ™ cost is approximately 6 cents per gallon to treat water. It is intended for use by anyone seeking a simple, convenient, and effective long-term water treatment solution.  Researchers have estimated that 60-80% of microbial infections in the body are caused by bacteria growing as a bio-film—as opposed to planktonic (free floating) bacteria.

H2O ResQ has over a decade of research, testing, development, and a patent assignment behind us.  H2O ResQ is now available to the public as a point of use water treatment for prevention and reoccurring growth of bio-film in water storage tanks, jugs, quarts, gallons, drums, super tanks, hydration bladders and packs, and rain harvesting tanks.

  • 1 drop - treats 1 quart/liter of water
  • 4 drops - treat 1 gallon of water
  • 10 mL - treats 55 gallons of water
  • 1 ounce - treats 165 gallons of water
  • 1 (2 oz) (60 ml) bottle - treats 330 gallons of water
Why Use Water Pure Technologies, Water Treatment (H2O ResQ)

H2O ResQ™ is a scientifically engineered and patented Copper-Silver ion water treatment. We've added other complex-ants and stabilizers that were specifically designed and engineered for the treatment of Biofilm prevention in harvested rainwater, lake water, river water, tap water, or use in any type of stored water.  Biofilms eventually develop on the interiors of most water distribution systems, known as “bio-fouling”.  The microbial growth represents a contamination that may present a threat to public health. Biofilms can harbor human pathogens that are difficult to kill.

Does it have proven ability to eliminate the threat of waterborne pathogens?

 Studies Conducted World-Wide have shown Copper, Silver Ionization to be the most effective solution available for treating Bio-films in potable water systems, because it is the only solution to take a systemic approach to combating waterborne pathogens. The Copper, Silver ions, complex-ants and stabilizers contained in H2O ResQ when released into a water supply are resilient in all water conditions, and they stay in the water for much longer periods of time than conventional methods, providing the protection necessary to help eliminate the threat of disease causing bacteria by controlling regrowth of biofilms.

99% of bacteria do not live in the water, but they live in Bio-Films.

Today, copper, in the form of plumbing tube, copper or copper-alloy surfaces, fungicides and ions injected directly into potable water, has shown it is a significant deterrent to the contraction of fungal and bacterial disease in healthcare (as well as food-processing) facilities. For example, studies at Montana State University found that copper levels as low as 0.007-0.540 mg/l are effective in immobilizing coliform bacteria in drinking water.

Water Pure Technologies, Inc. is the only company that has perfected and patented this new, cutting edge technology to treat water that's being stored.

The technology behind H2O ResQ™ was developed by the head of our research team Dr. Terry Arthur Ring, who is the former Chairman and current board member of The Chemical Engineering Society, the interface between industry, the society and the nation.

How does H2O ResQ™ work?

The operating principles of H2O ResQ™ are cutting edge technology compared to that applied by traditional agents. The traditional use of sanitizing agents has been employed to destroy bacteria in the water. However, various scientific studies have demonstrated that 99% of bacteria do not actually live in the water but rather in the bio-film (a living environment and culture medium for bacteria). This bio-film can be identified as a slimy feeling substance that typically gathers on the side-walls of water storage tanks, on the spigots, seals, and on the lids of water storage containers.

Water Pure Technologies, Inc. has developed and patented, a scientifically engineered, cutting edge approach for treating water. No only have we focused on the destruction of bacteria present in the water, we have studied the behavior of bacteria and their environment.  We have come to the conclusion that traditional agents cannot prevent the all important formation of bio-film, where 99% of bacteria, feed, breed, shelter and multiply. 

H2O ResQ™, has it been tested?

H2O ResQ™ has had over a decade of laboratory and in the field testing done by experts in the field of water quality. H2O ResQ™ is the only product to be endorsed by The Utah Commander of the Public Health Service (retired).  He has tested H2O ResQ™ for over 3 years on lake water, river water, hot tub waters and has come to the conclusion that H2O ResQ is the only true long term water treatment product on the market today. He now uses H2O ResQ for treating the water he stores.

Revolutionary, Pioneering Water Treatment Technology

Water Pure Technologies, Inc.  have long-suspected that the solution to the cleanest and safest possible water was locked in with the behavioral properties associated with bacteria. H2O ResQ™ was engineered by studying the behavior shown by bacteria in water, and coming up with a solution that utilizes Copper-Silver ion technology.

Scientific research has produced extensive evidence that this alternative approach to water treatment with Copper-Silver- ionization technology in addressing the bacterial living environment, is extraordinarily effective. By using H2O ResQ™ the culture medium, or living and feeding environment for bacteria is reduced or eliminated thereby reducing the need for water maintenance agents such as chloride. H2O ResQ™ remains one step ahead of the bacteria, by focusing on the core of the problem. Its preventive properties are found to block the re-growth of bio-films, and by doing so block the multiplication of bacteria that is so often a problem in stored water.

Safer for your health and the environment

Scientific research has shown that water maintenance is impossible without using a disinfectant. The disadvantage of disinfectants such as chloride is the fact that they have short life spans and bind with organic materials that have adverse effects on our health and the environment. They also have very little effect in the control of bio-films. The unique properties of H2O ResQ™ and its ability to address the bacterial living environment, means that the number of chemicals in the water you are storing can be drastically reduced or eliminated.

What are the advantages when using H2O ResQ™ for water storage?

  • H2O ResQ is compatible and has a synergistic effect when used in combination with low levels of chlorine.
  • Saves precious time you no longer need to rotate your water every 6 mos. It stays effective for up to 5+ years
  • Effective in the prevention of Bio-film and bacterial regrowth
  • Environmentally friendly water treatment
  • Cleans the water from within and has preventive properties by addressing the bacterial living environment.
  • Copper-Silver-ions stay in solution for much longer periods of time than conventional methods such as (Chlorine) which only stays active up to 3 days under ideal situations.
  • Copper-Silver-ions can remain active in the water for months and even years depending on levels of contamination that may enter the water.
  • Copper-Silver-ions can be tested for residual levels in the storage water before drinking.
  • Copper-Silver-ions do not precipitate out of the water and do not bind with organic and/or mineral materials
  • Non-Carcinogenic.
  • Copper-Silver-ions not only deactivate Legionella bacteria and bio film, but they actually improve water quality.
  • Copper-Silver ions have a greater residual effect than most disinfectants, due to their ability to remain in the water for longer periods of time.
  • Copper-Silver ions are effective throughout the entire water system, even in dead-end points and parts of the system that contain slow running or still water.
  • Copper-Silver ions effective use does not depend on water temperature, whereas chlorine use does.

*  Claims are based on independent testing and peer reviewed scientific research, and have not been review or evaluated or approved by the EPA.

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