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Guardian 2 Stage Counter Top Unit

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Major Benefits of the Guardian 2 Stage Counter Top Filtration System Include:

Long life filters Produces approximately 20,000 gallons of clean, pure, pristine water
Produces great tasting water for less then 0.015 cents per gallon
Has high Flow rate with no water pressure loss.
Continuous water flow Reduces sediment, rust, and dirt
Reduces chlorine and some fluoride.
Filters Bacteria, Viruses, Cysts, Giardia and Cryptosporidium
Filters heavy metals from your water
Reduces EDC's (drugs) RNA, DNA, pharmaceuticals, hormones, endotoxins, and much more from your water
Smallest micron (.02) filter available in a point-of-use water filter system
Gets rid of offensive odors Delivers spring like tasting water
Highest water flow rates (2 gpm service flow rate)
Has small foot print, at 5.5"D x 12" W x 12" H
Lead free, meets all state requirements
Has no moving parts to break down
Industrial grade filter canisters
No wasted water as with a back washing tank or an RO filter Won't lower the PH like a Reverse Osmosis system Retains beneficial minerals in the water
Maintains alkaline water balance
Very low maintenance, just replace filter and media cartridges
Protects against the need for potential "boil water alerts"
Produces clean, safe, great tasting water for less then $0.015 per gallon.
Tested by EPA Certified Lab, exceeds state and Federal requirements for water filtration/ purification.

Guardian 2 Stage Counter Top Unit

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The H2O ResQ - Guardian 2 stage Point-of-Use counter top water filter system uses NASA NANO Ceram filter media. It has all the amazing benefits of our Guardian whole house unit. Because of the proven benefits of the Smart NANO Ceram NASA technology water filter, this system truly is superior to all others systems being sold on the market. There is No wasted water as with all reverse osmosis systems. Price includes: Wall bracket, faucet, canister wrench, 3) filters here are few of the benefits.

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