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Water Pure Technologies, Inc.

Gravity Flow - Filter System Assembly

Gravity Flow - Filter System Assembly

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Gravity Flow - Filter System Assembly: Comes with Nano Gravity Filter, 2 pails & 2 lids (pre-drilled), Pre-filter screen, plus spigot assembly.


  • The average flow rate on a single NANO Fiber Electro-Positive Gravity flow filter is approximately 12 gallons per hour
  • Carbon Infused
  • Reduces waterborne viruses 
  • Reduces waterborne bacteria 
  • Reduces  waterborne protozoa 
  • Filters water up to 200 times faster than a mechanical (micron) filter 
  • Lasts longer, holds 20-25 times more dirt and contaminants than a mechanical (micron filter) capable of removing viruses
  • Outperforms all-ceramic & Carbon Gravity Flow Filters
  • Filters enough water to sustain a family of four, for up to six months during an emergency, disaster situation
  • Large 2 1/2" x 7 1/2" Nano Filter with a 5-micron outer wrap
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