Nanofiber Filters are certified space technology co-developed by NASA!
Space Foundation
  • 99.9998% virus reduction
  • 99.9998% bacteria reduction
  • 99.99% giardia, cysts reduction

With Certified Space Technology, you now have access to the same water filtration that is used by NASA on the International Space Station to keep our Astronauts safe and healthy.


The OKO (Nano) water filters use the same filter media that is used in space exploration! It is the same Nano Filtration Technology that was co-developed by NASA for use on the International Space Station.  You can be confident in knowing that serious contaminants are being removed from your water wherever you are.

Whether camping, traveling, hiking, biking or in case of an emergency, or 72 hour kits, OKO filtered water bottles will allow you to drink fresh, clean water from most water sources worldwide. 

Different colors may be substituted based on inventory availability.